Any great educational institute is incomplete with a structured, well-stocked library. These days the components of a library are not just great books, but also periodicals,magazines, journals, research papers, audio and video resources, and much more. An extensive catalogue of such resources has to be maintained in a structured manner. This allows seekers to find the resource promptly and your staff to keep a track of the allocated resources.

Never lose a single item from your library with our state of the art library management system, complete with RFID book tagging, digitized issue and return schedules, notifications for delays in returns and damages and much more!


Here's what you get on subscribing to the EdFly Library management module:
Create a repository of all books, magazines, subscriptions and other audio & video resources in one online database. This can be continuously updated as new items are added to the library. Students can search this database to know if a particular book is available in the library and where it is located.
Use RFID (UHF) or barcodes for tagging books and maintaining inventory. It allows for ease of search. Users can search for books, documents, study material or collaterals in the catalogue using the codes or RFID tags.
Our system replaces the manual system of issue and returns with an automated one. Entries are made in the database for issue and notices are sent automatically in case of a delay in returning.
We also install self-use kiosks in libraries to reduce the workload on the librarians. These can be directly used to search for a book, place an issue or return request, find where a book is located and much more.
Having a digital system means you never miss out on notifying students about their book return delays. Easily track when the book is to be returned, send a notice for delays in returns, link fines & dues with the total fee for each student.

Benefits For Students & Parents

Benefits For Staff & Management