Every institute employs hundreds of staff members at all levels. There is teaching and non-teaching staff, administrative department, visiting faculty and lecturers, guests, etc who need to be catered to. With each category of employee there are different HR rules, varying leaves, entry and exit timings, different salaries and so on. It can get complicated to deal with such variations.

EdFly’s HR & Payroll management system offers you smooth functioning of your internal operations related to employees. All your employee details can be maintained in one place with easy access to employee information, and effective management of employee payroll and leaves. You can create unique logins for each employee to ensure they can track their own salaries, attendance and leaves, while your management dashboard helps you track employee performance, workload and overtime growth.

And fret not, we take care of the whole software and hardware implementation process for you!

HR & Payroll Management Module Features

Salient Features of this module
A complete database for all staff - be it teaching, non-teaching staff or visiting faculty. This will have all their information, bank account details, reporting hierarchy, entry and exit times, number of leaves allotted to them and any other information which you want us to include. Keep safe all documents of your current and previous employees by digitizing the records and uploading them into the application.
Post recruitment add the new staff members to your database by creating staff profiles and giving them unique login IDs. The profile will automatically link all information with related teams and departments, allocate salary structure and reporting hierarchy to them. The login ID can be used to access the staff portal.
Safety and security is a major concern for all institutes. It is important to track who enters and leaves your institutes when, be it staff or student. Our Smart ID cards will be linked with all assets - entry, attendance, payments, etc and monitor the ongoings inside the institute sternly.
Create various types of leaves such as sick leave, casual leave, paid leave etc and allocate them. People in a hierarchy can track and approve the applied leaves for their team members.
Plan, allocate and schedule work seamlessly among all teaching/non-teaching and visiting staff to avoid redundancies and improve efficiency.
Quick and automated online salary transfers ensures all salary disbursements are auto-scheduled each month and you do not need to track them for all individuals.
Do away with paper-based salary slips, stamped and printed each month. Generate online salary slips and share with all employees on their personal login IDs.
Calculate, deduct and pay taxes for all employees from a single portal. It only requires a one-time setup with the required rules and can be customized to suit your needs.
Employees get their own specific portal to login and check updates, apply for leaves, receive salary slips, get workload information and stay in the loop with the various events taking place in the institute. Such a two-way communication system reduces miscommunication and improves transparency in the system.
Share and receive feedback from your staff regarding their performance, new policy implementation, and much more from this portal.

Benefits For Staff

Easy to stay updated with latest events and have one single channel of communication for all work. It also reduces the overall paperwork that an employee has to engage in and ensures no important communication is missed out on, in case the employee is not present.
Since all information is readily available the employees have complete transparency about their leaves, workload, salary status and much more.

Benefits For For Higher Management

By eliminating redundant tasks, extra paperwork and multiple communication channels you can improve work-place efficiency and channel your resources to increase productivity.
Monitor if the staff is working efficiently. The performance tracking mechanism analyses the given workload against the tasks completed and creates performance reports for each individual member or entire teams working together.
During audits and accreditation you need important performance reports, salary reports, hiring reports and much more which can be easily generated through this system as per your requirement.
Higher management needs to have an overview of all expenses. Salaries to employees are a major source of outflow. Having the entire payroll automated and keeping the data in one place ensures they stay updated with recent trends and can take important financial decisions.