While most of the sectors are already driven by digital transactions, the education sector has been struggling with digitization. Students & parents still have to stand in queues & manage cash to make fee payments. With changing government policies and the onset of cashless payments methods, an online admission and fee payment platform for students & parents has become crucial for all institutes.

With EdFly you can manage the complete admission and fees payment cycle, smoothly. It covers the whole spectrum of tasks related to admission and fee payments from all perspectives - right from receiving applications, sorting and shortlisting, creation of the fees structure to receiving payments and admission confirmation. During audits and inspections, you can generate customized reports for any data points and be stress-free!

We take all your manual processes and digitize them seamlessly. There’s no process which we cannot transform for you.

Admission Management Features

Share brochure/prospectus, application form, details of admission process etc with students. Leverage digital marketing and use past data to target the right set of parents and students in your area to get more applications.
Online application forms, documents uploading and application fee payment portal. Communicate with all prospective students through online channels of communications. Choose from ready to use templates and schedule automated notifications about deadlines, important notices etc. Forms can be customized for you separately.
Inbuilt algorithm in the system sorts and segregates student data, allowing you to create multiple groups based on merit, reservation quotas and so on. This helps in generating Merit-lists easily and notifying selected students about admission confirmation. You can then collect documents online, verify them against government portals and finally welcome the students to your institute.
Collate student data and create full-fledged database of admitted students. Categorize them as per department, reservation, income status, etc and map their profiles with relevant documentation.
Unique login IDs are generated for each student and shared with them to access their information, stay updated with notices related to attendance, homework, examinations, any events in the institute, upcoming courses, etc. Students get Smart ID cards or are registered with a Biometric mechanism if you opt for that.

Fees Payment Features

Create fee structures for all courses and combinations with multiple fee heads. Include prospectus fee, application fee, total admission fee, and add groups for fines, industrial visits or travel, conferences, events, and more in your yearly plan.
Systematic & secured process for fee collection is available both online and offline.
Maintain invoices with double-entry accounting, inclusive of critical accounting logics
Link all charges like ATKT fee, Library & Lab fines, etc to total fees. No need to chase students individually for delays or maintain obsolete paper-based transaction records which can be lost or tampered with.
Seamlessly integrate EdFly with Tally or any other software used for accounting purposes.
Most audits, accreditations and compliances require multiple reports related to fees charged, collected, it’s utilization and so on. Generate any type of fee-related report and be audit-ready anytime with EdFly.

Benefits For Students & Parents

Students can get all course related information from one portal and stay updated with important notifications
They can gather informations, apply online from the convenience of their home. No need to stand in long queues or travel.
No need to get a new form if you make an error, simply reset and re-fill details.
Since the application portal will be available 24*7, applicants can fill and submit forms any time as per their convenience even on holidays.
Leads to complete transparency between administration and applicant. Even parents are communicated the same information as the students.
All extra dues payable are notified to the student so that they don't get taken by surprise at last moment

Benefits For Staff & Management

Get rid of the hassle of printing brochure and prospectus, having offline forms and receipts
During peak admissions season instead of dedicating manpower to a counter for forms and enquiries, you can channel those resources for other critical tasks
Manual data-entry procedures can often lead to errors in spellings or recording data. Automated online systems are much more efficient with less room for errors to take place.
By assigning roles to all employees you can limit the amount of information in circulation, such that only the required people can access the data. Your clerks can see the forms, the accounting team gets to access payment information, and so on.
Higher management can get a bird's eye view of the entire admission process and administrative tasks easily.
Monitor the application trend across all courses and total fees collected. This will help you channel your financial resources in the right manner and make better decisions.
By having all information on an online dashboard you do not need to hunt through files and piles of paperwork to find previous years information
Having a single platform with customized reporting options means you don't need to spend months preparing for an Audit. You just create reports quickly from all the data already present on the system and share the reports.