Examinations are a crucial part of any academic institution. Our wholesome module covers the end to end examination process and also gives you the options for online examination. We provide everything for scheduling the exam, creating question papers, getting the exam conducted and then sharing results and report cards with your students.

Moreover, teachers, supervisors, principals, and other authorities can see student performance reports for all classes and divisions comprehensively. It aids in identifying key performance areas, students who need special attention and much more. Get started to explore all features in detail.

Examination Management Module Features

Here's what you get on subscribing to the EdFly Examination Management module:
Create and conduct various types of exams, like unit tests, class tests, mid-terms, semester exams and many more. Choose between online and offline examination options.
Create examination timetables in-line with your academic calendar and for different groups of students as required, if not for the whole course or the whole class.
If required you can also create and generate unique hall tickets for each student and ask them to present the same on the day of the examination
You can create and set up different types of questions papers with varying question formats as per your requirements
Share result related updates and declare results online for all tests and examinations, with the option to download and print subject-wise report cards, or consolidated mark sheets.
Our system offers compatibility with various grading formats designed for schools from different boards such as ICSE, CBSE, SSC, IB, etc and higher education institutes like colleges and Universities. Choose the one most relevant for you.
We give you the option to print high-security, tamper-proof mark sheets on untearable paper. These cannot be replicated or copied. Just like currency notes, they have special features which set them apart from the general mark sheets, thus preventing the creation of counterfeit or fake results.
Based on faculty types (teachers non-teaching faculty, other levels) and their availability, invigilators can be assigned to different examinations by tracking their schedule and workloads separately.

Benefits For Students & Parents

Students can find all their data related to examinations in one centralized location. They will be able to access all tests & exams results and find past data as well.
By having access to year on year data, students can monitor their progress over time, map out subjects they are weak and find areas for improvement.
The notification system integrated with this module allows you to update students & parents with exam schedule, result announcement and other information - thus creating transparency and helping parents stay in the loop.
Youcan choose to give access to past question papers to students so they can practise and keep improving their skills.

Benefits For Staff & Management

Online examinations and results mean there is less logistical work for your staff, less paperwork to correct
Track student performance across all courses, grades and classes. You get a comprehensive overview of where your students stand with regard to the different performance areas.
For any accreditation or policy compliance student performance data is very crucial. The best institutes have the best performing students. Get clean, easy to read reports which can be created on the basis of various parameters - group students by class, subject, course, or other variables and get reports in one click.
Student performance in exams often provides insights into a teacher's abilities as well. With our custom reports you will be able to identify which teachers across subjects are having a substantial impact on students.
Our encrypted, cloud-based systems ensure that data is always secure and private. You can share access to specific users and restrict circulation of data internally. No need to rely on a third-party vendor for question papers or results, you can directly rely on EdFly for all purposes.