ShikshaMitra Infotech has been continuously trying to create a paradigm shift in the Indian Education system. During Demonetization they identified the need to introduce a cashless, digital way to process fees payments in schools and colleges and launched, as their signature product.

As the team worked with institutes to integrate this fees payment platform with their administrative system, they discovered further gaps in the processes along with many operational inefficiencies. Coming from tech-backgrounds, the founders knew that the right technology could revolutionize this system. This led to the launch of EdFly, a 360-degree management solution for institutes.

EdFly is designed to take care of all management components, be it student, staff, or administration related. It allows you to escalate your operations, scale them as per the needs of your institute and augments the overall education system. Students get to focus on studying instead of running around tackling the administrative processes, while the staff and management focus on providing quality and relevant education to students, and increasing the institute's ROI.

The core team, with 20+ years of collective experience in serving the education sector, knows exactly what the troubles of each stakeholder are. Using technology for process innovation, they strive to provide the most relevant solution to every problem at hand.

Co-founders Viral Dedhiya, and Mratyunjay Tripathi, and their entire team are passionate about the purpose, confident of the vision while working every day on the mission of simplifying education management through technology. They strive to create awareness about advancements in Education Technology and also work with the government to ensure education is accessible to one and all.

Our Mission

To successfully deliver technology-enabled solutions to all stakeholders in the education sector, thus augmenting the education ecosystem from the grassroots.

Mratyunjay Tripathi

After 15 years in the Education Domain, Mratyunjay set off to become an entrepreneur, as a Co-Founder of Edfly. A marketer at heart, He strives to deliver an uncompromising customer experience. By working closely with his clients, He ensures the delivery of personalised solutions which are intuitive and adaptable. When not working, His determination to succeed is unparalleled and keeps the team's spirits high at all times. His assets are his strong subject knowledge and his vision to create a revolutionary Education Management System.

Viral Dedhiya

An Engineer and a serial entrepreneur, Viral is a strong supporter of open source technology and believes in the revolutionary power of tech. Having catered to education, government and telecom domains for more than 10 years, he understands the nuances of technology closely and wants to change the future of Education Management Systems. With his unbeatable tech expertise, he focuses on creating innovative solutions for his clients.