Attendance Management

Digitally take and store attendance with state of the art systems
which are tamper proof and unhackable.

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Due to the various rules related to minimum attendance required by students in class, it is very important to have a robust and scalable system for attendance management. We need to eliminate tamperable and hackable systems such as - proxy attendance and paper-based systems, to ensure our data related to student attendance is correct.

You can choose from biometric attendance mechanism or issue RFID based smart cards to track attendance. These can be used not only for students but also for your entire staff and administrative team. Easily communicate to parents when a child is missing from a lecture, share the attendance log with students so they can track if they are meeting the minimum required attendance or not, and monitor staff’s entry and exit times.

Create a safe and reliable system in your institute for all beneficiaries.


For Students & Parents

  • Attendance Tracking: The students can keep a track of the number of days there were present/absent, which classes they have missed and then figure out how they can make up for the missed lectures
  • Reduces Safety Concerns: Both parents and institute authorities do not have to worry about the whereabouts of a student. As parents are instantly notified of their child’s presence in school they are reassured.

For Staff & Management

  • Organized Record: Date for all years, all classes are saved systematically and securely in our cloud servers. Easily find and access and data whenever required.
  • Custom Reports: Generate custom-made reports or pick from our ready to use reporting templates for quick report generation.
  • Reduce Paperwork: Eliminate the need to send manual notices from class to class or track paper-based attendance sheets.
  • Reduce Scope for Human Error: Since the entire system is digitized, there is less chance of human error in marking the attendance or losing previous data.

Here's what you get on subscribing to the EdFly Attendance management module:

Biometric Attendance

Get complete hardware and software installation from us for taking biometric student attendance. All devices and the data are policy compliant as per government rules and regulations.

RFID Smart Cards

Option to issue identity cards to staff and students for attendance taking purposes. These ID cards can be swiped at the beginning of the lecture with the machine that the lecturer has in order to register student attendance.

Instant notifications

Synchronization with the student and parent mobile app ensures that instant notification is sent if a child does not attend lectures/has missed school for the day. The students can also keep a track of the number of days there were present/absent, which classes they have missed and then figure out how they can make up for the missed lectures

Attendance Reports and Defaulter’s Lists

Administration can easily generate attendance based reports for students, create defaulter’s lists and send notifications to such students informing them about their low attendance and its consequences. This will help in regularizing student presence and further lead to improvement in student performance.

Audit and Compliances

Government policies have made attendance monitoring compulsory in all institutes. NAAC and other such accreditations require various attendance reports during audit. There are ready to use report templates in the EdFly attendance management system which can help you create these reports instantly.